Top 8 des comptes Instagram pour les fans de Yoga

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Top 8 des comptes Instagram pour les fans de Yoga

Envie de vous mettre au yoga ? La ELLE team a sélectionné pour vous les comptes Instagram les plus inspirants.

À coups de recettes healthy et d'outfits stylés, ces yoga addicts se mettent en scène dans des décors étonnants pour nous faire rêver... Et ça marche. À la rédac', ces comptes nous ont donné envie de nous y mettre. Pas vous ?

1. @pocketdwarf

2. @amandabisk

3. @nude_yogagirl

4. @namastehannah

5. @laurasykora

6. @frenchyogagirl

A new trend in the field of Yoga is catching the wave. The idea of « Yoga Teacher’s Training »(YTT) fascinates many. For the uninitiated, it’s a certified training course that makes you eligible to become a professional Yoga trainer by the end of a 200h course (and I insist on this: it should not be less than 200h otherwise it’s not a YTT). Nowadays you can find innumerable YTT. It all seems quite fascinating and so many people enroll themselves without giving a second that only to end up being lost in the journey. What most people fail to realize is that Yoga is far away from other forms of workout. Yoga is not just working on your body; it involves mental and spiritual aspects as well. It’s a journey which transforms you as an individual. It changes the way you think and perceive, it’s about connecting with your inner self and establishing equilibrium for healthy and peaceful life. Also mastering Yoga and teaching that knowledge to others are two different things. If you are planning to make a career as a Yoga Teacher , you need to introspect and answer few questions. ___ ✖️The first question is whether you are ready to « learn »how to teach yoga to others? And does that come naturally to you? ✖️You should be a student of Yoga in all the aspects of your life and not just on the Yoga mat. In simple words, it is mandatory to follow or adapt the teaching of yoga in every field of your life. It reflects what your take away from Yoga. If Yoga doesn’t change your outlook towards life and various situations, there’s still some time before you go towards the teaching aspect. ✖️A good Teacher is humble enough to admit their shortcomings and accept if they don’t know about something. They need to have an open mind to learn new things that come across their way even in day-to-day life. ✖️Another trait of a Yoga teacher is to be sensitive towards others limits without pushing them against their will. Motivating and pressurizing are completely different. ✖️You should have a daily practice of Yoga even if it is for few minutes. _____ If your answer to all or most of the above is yes, then you are heading towards the right path. 🙌🏼✖️

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8. @mandymartini