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Enjoy a panoramic view on hills covered with forests from this luxurious villa, set at the North of the Island, close to San Miguel and its many beaches with crystal clear water and 15 minutes away from Eivissa; it is available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis and is even for sale. After a short walk that leads you to the security gate, the main hall decorated with beautiful exotic pieces of art opens on ponds, waterfalls, fountains, white pebble paths and Mediterranean gardens perfectly maintained which discreetly host a turquoise pool, sunbeds and several areas dedicated to food. The Indonesian style slips in the big living room, the light kitchen, the large rooms with all the modern amenities and the Spa, a true den dedicated to ultimate wellbeing. You will spend your next holiday with your family or friends here.


  • Villa for rent - 18-19 people - All rooms and suites with a private terrace
  • Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, iPod, security system
  • Raised terrace, 21x3,5 swimming pool, Spa, gym, massages, sauna, jacuzzi
  • Several ‘chill out’ areas with Balinese temples
  • 12 parking spots

Casa S'Ermita
Venda de Rubió l 07815 San Miguel - Ibiza l Espagne - Spain
T +212 (0)661 22 09 41 l